Does Truth gets his Clothes back…??

Once upon a time, somewhere in world, two friends named Truth and Lie were living together in a same village. They were just friends but Lie was feeling jealous on Truth’s principles and values which he adopted in his life. Always Lie used to find an opportunity to win over Truth. He was enjoying each and every moment of Trut’s loses. One day both of them were going on long walk. On the way, they saw a beautiful pond. They stopped by and decided to swim for a while. Unclothed their dresses and kept aside safely. They were chatting and enjoying the swim. It’s almost more than a hour and time has gone by so fast. They didn’t realised the time and they lost in the cool breeze. Truth was on the other side of the pond and lying by closing his eyes. Lie saw this opportunity and immediately jumped out of the pond. He took Truth’s cloths and run away. Truth did not noticed this. After a while Truth came out of pond and was searching for his cloths. He saw Lie’s cloths there but not his. His mind and soul refused to wear Lie’s cloths. Truth became clothesless and started hiding behind the scenes. But by wearing Truth’s cloths, Lie started roaming like a king even after cheating people, doing mischievous things.

Yes..! From that day, Lie is ruling everyone by wearing Truth’s clothes and Truth became naked and helpless…

Does Truth gets his Clothes back…?? Only God knows…!!



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