A trip to TajMahal

Taj Mahal

– A great symbol of love

– A wonder of the world

– A tomb

– A gift from shahjahan to her wife after her death in her memory

– A good tourist place

– A place where you can see lots of foreign visitors

– World Heritage Site

– Proud of India

Yes, there are many words or sentances which can describe this place. But none of it can give the feeling of visiting the place. Specially when you are standing in the que for 2-5 hours.

So after completing the que and security checks you reach at one of the gates but you can still not see the great Taj-Mahal. But wait! the gate is also worth to have a view or taking photos.

Actually the view of Taj-Mahal through the gate is really beautiful. And after passing through the gate its even more mesmerizing.

A good material on travel photography by famous DPS:


Here is the view of Taj-Mahal after crossing the gate. As you can see in the photo there is a fountain with small water reserve at the center surrounded by the trees. Taj-Mahal is made of ivorish marble which shines in the sunlight. It’s having a mahal (palace) in the centre which is holding tomb of the mumtaz. There are four towers at each corner of the palace. Each and every wall of Taj-Mahal is a piece of art having carvings of various patterns on the marbles.

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Here is a famous Bollywood song picturised on the tajmahal

Watch on YouTube

We have visited this place two times. 1st time in the year of 2009 and then in 2017. Here are some other photos of our last visit.

One of the 4 gates ofe of the 4 gates of Tajmahal

Beautiful view of WEST gate surrounded by trees

Beautiful Tower (Minara) against sun rays

Useful websites :

Official website of government of India:


Wikipedia :


Other Photo Blogs of Haddhaiyaar


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