Kites..!! Life realisation..?

Dear Kite, Thank you ..


I am very much thankful to you for giving new emotional feelings.. !!!

After days of non-stop work and busy academics preparations, perhaps I was lucky enough to get a complete day off to sleep in and relax. I was sleeping like Kumbhakarna (younger brother of Ravana in the famous Indian epic Ramayana).

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Suddenly A six-year-old kid a son my brother came to my bedroom and woke me up. I was angry and was ignoring him. I just don’t wanted to lose my day dream and beautiful girls in it. But he didn’t give up and was insisting me to play with him. Slowly but angrily opened my eyes. He shown me the torn kite and said “uncle, come repair it. Let us paint a color on it. Let us fly it”. He was very adamant and was not leaving. Finally I had lost my battle and accepted to play with him. He took me to roof top. I hold his soft fingers and saw the rising sun. Wow ..!! Suddenly I felt current in my soul. Felt lot of peace in mind. OH MY GOD…. !! what feeling was that? Yes. I remember I had enjoyed those feelings when I was a kid…but Its been more than a decade now..

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Recalled the sick of having gone away, stinging addiction, depression, anxiety, mutilated heart, constant pain. I remembered everything. My eyes became wet. I hold him tightly and kissed him on his forehead. I was completely relieved. The rising sun, the tenderness of the little finger and his innocence smile created strange new things in me.

Thanks to Kid and Kites….!!!




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