Gift from summer – Mangoes 😍

Summer in India is very hot. Temperature goes up to 42-47°C depending on the location. You will not find many people going by walk in the afternoon period.

Generally students have vacation (except pursuing engineering or medical 😉).

People goes on vacation to cool places like himachal pradesh, Kashmir, uttarakhand.

In short nothing is cool about summer… Ha ha ha..

But yes one thing, which we can have against all the odds is

The king of the fruits – Mango

images (1)
Mangoes – King of Fruits

See this video:

Mangoes are only available for limited time that is in summer season…. mostly from late april up to 1st rain of the season.

I think that may be the reason mangoes are the favorite fruit of all the time.

In different part of India, different types of mangoes are produced. It’s said that

56% of total mangoes are produced from India.

There are many varieties of mangoes, some of them are

Kesar, Alphonso, Dusseri, Langado, Badam, Rajapuri, Chausa, Totapuri

and many more.

In gujarat, the most popular mango type is Kesar. Kesar is produced in Talala Junagadh (near to famous Gir lion sanctuary) and south Gujarat region. Special thing about Kesar mango is its aroma.

Another very popular mango type amongst all Indians and most expensive and most exported mango type is Alphonso (hapus).

Its not that only ripen mangoes are delicious.

Raw mangoes are used for making tasty and spicy pickles like the one shown in below image.

images (2)

In short mangoes can be ate in many form and varieties. And all the methods to eat mango are mouth watering.

Enjoy summer… Enjoy Mangoes…

Haddhaiyaar… ✍️✍️


3 thoughts on “Gift from summer – Mangoes 😍

  1. My family were never mango eaters, so I didn’t grow up eating them, but I tried them a few times from various friends and didn’t mind it. Lately, though I’ve been really into them. They’re not too expensive so I get a bunch, and even my mom enjoys a piece or two. I can’t believe I missed out on so many years of mango-eating!

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  2. I totally love mangoes! ❤ You should be, like, a professor of something (not of paleontology *Prof. Geller, amirite?*) ’cause you always talk a detailed descrips ’bout everything! Even cutting cheese! (I mean…umm…)


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