What is happiness? What we should be doing to be happy?

Nice thoughts…

Think it that way!!


What comes in the mind when we hear this word?? Someone who is earning good amount of money and free to take life decisions?? That’s it??

Why independence is always measured on financial bases?? Is it enough for a good life?? Everyone wants to be independent so that they can do whatever they want to do without asking for anyone’s permission. Everyone wants to be financially independent so that they don’t have to depend on someone for every other thing. Basically we all want a life without restrictions. We don’t like anyone stopping us from doing anything right?? Then why do we allow anyone to stop us from being happy!!

Why we have given the key of our happiness in someone else’s hand?? Why we always need someone to make us happy?? Why we always need a reason to be happy??

If you are depending on a reason for…

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