Visit to a resort town Manali- Part 2

After our memorable visit of Tajmahal in late 2017, this time it is one of the most eagerly awaited and planned summer trip to Manali a resort town nestled in the mountains of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Yes..! This time it’s not a day trip rather most cherished 4 days.

This blog is the 2nd part to share our unforgettable life time experience of our vist in the end of the month May 2018.

You can see the 1st part here Visit to a resort town Manali- Part 1

In this part more photos and less writing…😋

So after reaching at hotel we freshen up and had tea…

And then we started our first day visit of places near by Manali town..

Hadimba Temple, Vashishth Temple, Van Vihar, Mall Road market.

Hadimba Temple, Manali

Behind hadimba Temple there was a natural garden cum forest additionally having children playing area.

Garden cum forest near hadimba temple

There were local ladies roaming with rabbit in their hands and one can have photographs with rabbits by paying minimal rupees.

There were also people giving traditional clothes on rent for few minutes to take photographs. Spent half an hour there and then we move forward.

One thing I noticed there, was the driving skills of local driver. Wow, they were easily driving an SUV where I think of driving only 2 wheeler.

We started towards Vashishth Temple where there is a Temple and hot water springs. The road is having magnificent view of Beas river surrounded by hills.

Magnificent View on the way to Vashishth Temple

Somewhere nearby hot air balloon riding was going on it was ice on the cake view.

Ice on the cake hot air balloon

The temple was under construction…we did Darshan in the Temple, tried the water coming from hot water springs. Local people were even washing clothes and doing other house chores with that hot waters.

Opposite to Vashishth Temple there were another small temples of Ram and Shiva.

Temple of Shri Ram near Vashisht Temple

After this we were really hungry and we found one small local shop selling tea and snacks. We tried Momos for the 1st time and delighted with its taste there. Specially the chutney was really awesome.

Beas river Manali

It was around 6 in the evening and after crossing the traffic we reached to Mall road or heart of the city where van vihar a big garden was to be visited. However we were late and it was closed so just roamed there in the market.

Finally we came back to hotel about 8 PM, had food and slept until next day morning 4 AM. It was the 3rd day saved for Rohtang pass. I will cover it next part…till then…sayonara…

Part of Afar.

Part of Photo a day – 6th August

haddhaiyaar… ✍️✍️

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