Game of Life (GoL). It’s played when you are IN and not when you are OUT.

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Suddenly, I heard the music. Rhythmic music. It’s actually Rythem of death. My body was wrapped in white cloth and was showered with final offerings from loved ones in face of flowers, perfume and new cloth, as per rituals. I was carrying around on the shoulders of the my family memebers and was going up to the funeral ground.

It was my last travel. My last travel with my family and friends. Final journey of life. I traveled each and every corner of the world but this time to ‘Shmashan’ for funeral rites.

“God. Please allow me to go back. Please give me one more life. I have not done yet” I was crying and begging with god.

God smiled and replied calmly “My son, have you ever spent time with your parents? have you ever heard your kid’s laugh? Did you ever played with your little kid? Do you know he now writes letter D? Do you know your wife was waiting to give a good news? Do you know your friends were waiting to meet you in person or atleast to give a call? Do you know your father is now diabetic?”

I said “No. I was busy. But I was earning for family only for their betterment. I wanted to give them a beautiful life”

He said “Yes. Now they can enjoy a beautiful life and that too without you like before. You have done enough. Enough to your work and your company. We need loyal employee like you in my place. Your place is not here with your family and you are not deserved to be. For them, you already dead when you started running behind the money by leaving all the happiness which family was looking for. You were only a deady body and it’s time to carry the dead body”

I was helpless. I could not do anything rather seeing all my saddened friends and family. By the time I realised, I left with no time and even me to correct myself and my mistakes.

Give time to family. give time to friends. give time to yourself. Company/work/money comes and goes but not family.

Rememebr. It’s game of life (GoL). you are here to play it. but It’s played when you are IN and not when you are OUT.

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