Farting..! an embarrassing act?

I remember a few years ago, me and my friend visited my friend girlfriend’s parents to meet and discuss the marriage proposal. while we were eating, my friend accidentally farted. He could not help in stopping it..!! Immediately he appologized and turned red. Everyone gasped and looked at him in disgust because it was pretty […]

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Is Yawning dangerous?

It was about 4’O clock in the Sunday evening. I was in a deep sleep and suddenly I heard disturbing door knocking sound. I woke up and sat on the bed for a minute. I was getting the continuous yawn and was not able to avoid it. I got curious about it. What is this […]

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Generic drugs in India

Over the past few months we are hearing about generic drugs and also seeing many advertisements on the promotion of generic drugs and it’s price. We were wondering.. 🤔…What is this generic drugs? Why these Generic medicines are cheaper than the brand-name versions? Are the quality and effectiveness of these drugs have been compromised to […]

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