Milky Waterfalls

We were heading to visit Kodaikānāl, A famous hill station in Tamilnadu state in India. Its around 7 km away from Kodaikānāl and a major tourist place one should definitely visit. It was my 1st trip with DSLR camera. I am having Canon 1200D with zoom kit lense. Below is the photo I have taken […]

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Airport Lights

So there was a layover time of 4 hours between 2 flights. I was at Helsinki airport in Finland. While roaming here and there passing time, observing various types of people doing different things like shopping, running to catch flight, enjoying music on headphones, taking food, sleeping, talking and what not. I was just passing […]

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Way to Nature

Hello everyone! In this time when most people are living in the forest of concrete, we have to find some time to stay close to mother nature. May be the road below in the photo is the way going some where in the nature. This photo having a muddy road with tall pine trees was […]

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A trip to TajMahal

Taj Mahal – A great symbol of love – A wonder of the world – A tomb – A gift from shahjahan to her wife after her death in her memory – A good tourist place – A place where you can see lots of foreign visitors – World Heritage Site – Proud of India […]

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